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“This special and historic site needed particular care with the CGIs for the planning application.”

Case study from a unique, contentious property development in Cornwall.

I was approached by Koha Architects to create a set of images to support their extensive planning application for this site on the Roseland Peninsula in Cornwall.

Following our initial consultations, we established a set of  views based on the architects Revit model - this helped to pick the key elements to show, and also established a plan for the  site visit. The pre-planning phase also informed the best times of day to photograph the site through accurately predicting the sun/shadows.

We  decided that views from above the site and from the sea would be beneficial to explain the  proposal - so I  commissioned long term collaborators fly+webb for aerial imagery support. They were able to  shoot  the essential aerial viewpoints and also captured a full photogrammetric 3D scan of the site which became invaluable when recreating the topography in CGI.

After identifying the final photos, the images were camera matched in 3D and then the new buildings were incorporated into the existing surroundings. Several viewpoints suggested by Koha were discovered to be inaccessible during the site visit, so some views were created in full CGI.

Because of the unique natural surroundings, a major goal of the design was to blend the new buildings carefully with the existing context - including the new landscaping and locally sourced materials. All of this had to be taken into account for the CGIs, and so a close working relationship with MeiLoci Landscape Architects was essential for the success of the images.

The project has continued to be a joy to work on, and has lead to further collaboration on the planning application LVIA, bat conservation building and interiors for the project.


fly+webb Aerial Imagery
MeiLoci Landscape Architects

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